Terms & Conditions

Thank you very much for your interest in our Custom and Wholesale ballroom dance shoes!
If you have a problem or are not happy with any product purchased from Discount Ballroom Shoes,
You may send us email from our Contact Us form.
Either way, we can help work through any issues you may have with your purchase.

Competitive Price Matching!
We will price match and honor any competitive websites terms of sale day in stock prices up to 7 days after clients order.

Competitive terms of sale and or store policies are only applicable to products that are price match and will s supersede Discount Ballroom Shoes terms of sale and policies
Client must provide a URL of competitive websites to qualify.

To submit a price match the client must log-in to you account, click on Orders History, click directly on your order number, at the top of the copy of your order you will find the Price Match button to submit the URL product you wish us to match. 
Items must be of the same brand, product numbers, color, size, heels and based on the shoes stores website regular in-stock prices.
And we give reward points back to our clients for even more savings on every sale.
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We do not honor, Discontinued, Clearance, Auctions prices.

Returned request must be within 14 calendar days of the invoice date, and you may return the item and reorder the correct  with No Restocking Charge client must pack the reorder number with returned product...
Return authorizations are valid for 7 calendar days and must be post marked and shipped within 7 calendar days.
If the clients that request a refund is subject to a 30% surcharge.

Return request may be made online via login and Order History then order number at them bottom of invoice.
There is a 30 day Manufactures warranty on Very Fine Shoes dance shoes covering seems & Heels only.
30 Day Manufacturers warranty must be submitted direct to manufactures if item is past 14 calendar days of order.
Very Fine Shoes http://www.veryfineshoes.com/

Return to Vendor (RTV) authorization is required for any returns.
Shoes that are custom, clearance, used, damaged, soiled, or brushed out are non-returnable
Discount Ballroom Shoes Costumes and custom dance shoes are non-returnable and any alterations such as size, color, heels and shoe style are the responsibility of client.

In an effort to improve overall product and service quality, please inform us as to the reason for your return.
You will be given a RTV number and it MUST be clearly marked on the outside of the shipping box or it will be rejected as an unauthorized return.
Upon receiving, the return client will be given a store credit in the form of a Gift Certificate that is used as a form of payment, restocking fees may apply.

Gift Certificates do not expire and Gift Certificates & Store Credit Gift Certificates are not refundable.

Note returns policies on price matched products will be based on the terms of sale and or store policies of the store that was priced matched and will  supersede Discount Ballroom Shoes term of sale and return policies so please be read the return policies of the store you are having price matching they will apply, no exceptions.



Cancellations of ready made orders must be made before item is shipped.

Cancellations of custom orders before due date is subject to a 50% surcharge for the lost of labor and materials due to no fault of Discount Ballroom Shoes

Returns on items with free shipping are subject to shipping charges $5.00 per set of shoes.
Shipping is non-refundable.
Products are subject to 30% restocking fee on refunds or no restocking fee on reorder.
Clients assumes all shipping charges on exchanges and understands that He or She will be bill for extra shipping charges except on defects or incorrect products due to the fault of vendor.
It is the responsibility of the client maker sure unclaimed products are returned to us, we can not refund the client if the products are not returned to Discount Ballroom Shoes.
Discount Ballroom Shoes is not responsible for lost products due to incorrect shipping address given by client or theft from shipping address and Discount Ballroom Shoes will provide a tracking number to help find their lost products.

We protect our clients
we will provide all information to you and your credit card company, including shipping address, IP tacking information from the computer used to make the fraudulent purchase and will assist law enforcement agencies in tracking down and to prosecute the unauthorized credit card user.

If you are planning to make a purchase with an unauthorized credit card, stolen credit card or file a fraudulent charge back Discount Ballroom Shoes will make sure you wished you never tried.


Fraudulent charge backs
fraudulent credit card charge backs will be prosecuted to the full existent of the law, criminal and civil charges will apply.
A fraudulent credit card charge backs is if a client keeps the products, lost products due to client actions, unauthorized returns, unclaimed after shipping and not returned to us, client gives wrong shipping address.
A valid credit card charge back is only when a stolen credit card number is used.


The client understands that Discount Ballroom Shoes Terms and Conditions is a legal contract and may review this contract under HELP link and at checkout.
Discount Ballroom Shoes reserves the right to change the terms of sale at any time.


What is Fraud:  Fraud is stilling via writing bad checks or filing fraudulent chargeback’s with the buyer’s credit card company.
We do however understand banks and credit card Company’s can make mistakes, but it is still the buyer’s responsibility to pay bad debt and any sure charges that Discount Ballroom Shoes suffers due to the buyers form of payment.
There is a standard $30.00 service charge in addition to balance owed in such events, and balance’s must satisfied in the form of a cashiers check.
Personal checks or other credit cards can not be accepted.
Balance must be satisfied within 14 calendar days of notice any delay may and will result in jail time, criminal charges, civil charges and damages to credit history from collection agencies.