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Dance Studio Software for the Ultimate Touchscreen Based Studio Music System.
Use it for dance studios, dance schools, mobile DJs, clubs, restaurants, or at home. Just having dance studio management software is not enough.
You need the EZ Play DJ software for your ballroom dance music, too!
Ideal for DanceSport Music / Ballroom Dance Music.
The EZ Play DJ is packed with features the EZ Play DJ sodtware is a far better dance studio music system than a CD player.
Bailout Sale Now! Save 25% You can now purchase the EZ Play DJ software license for 25% off the regular price! And the quantity discounts still apply.
That's 10% off for two, 20% off for three, and 30% off for four or more.
So get together with some of your friends and really save some money! 15 Day Free Trial! We are making the EZ Play DJ is available to you for FREE for 15 days.
You can try it out in your studio or club or at home until then with no charge and no obligation.
New Leasing Program! For about a dollar a day you can use the EZ Play DJ, get all upgrades as they become available, and receive phone and online support. The lease can be canceled at the end of any month, so in the unlikely event that you wish to cancel the lease, you can.
This plan eliminates the need to make a large upfront investment. In addition, if you refer someone to us who signs up to participate in our leasing program, you get a referral fee. See our referral program page for details. If you lease the EZ Play DJ software license, all you need to provide are the computer and monitor (touchscreen preferred). To download the free trial, just click on the 'Downloads' link to the right and follow the instructions.
ou can install it on as many PCs as you want, so sign up now and start using it!
music software. Runs on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.
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